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Once upon a time I was a police officer. Then I had to leave my job, and I was very sad. So I wrote a novel, since all ever really wanted was a) to write; b)to help people. I decided to ride the self-publishing wave, and published my romantic suspense thriller, The Naked Truth, on e-readers everywhere. Then I got kind of stuck in the writing department and eventually decided to blog my way out of being stuck. That's where you all come in, dear blog readers. Thanks for reading my posts. I really didn't expect that. Thought I was doing online journaling. The love of my life is my 14 year old son, who is smart and funny and wise beyond his years.

Why I don’t want to be labelled an alcoholic

Why I don't want to be labelled an alcoholic. Advertisements

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My Marching Maroon

My son, who has Aspberger’s, found that his gut-wrenching transition to high school was eased by the acceptance he experienced from the other trombones in marching band.

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Today I am either mired in sloth or taking a day to figure out my life

Note to self and others: do not drink the wicked (but apparently healthful) murky green concoction known as Japanese matcha tea late in the afternoon, if you are at all sensitive to the effects of caffeine, and want to fall … Continue reading

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Welcome to my home blog

It’s after 10:00 a.m. and I am still in my nightgown, in bed. That’s how I roll. I do have to get up eventually, since my “friend” (wink, wink — I have to be discreet here) is coming over to … Continue reading

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